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Montana Chamber Executives gather in Kalispell for Spring Conference

The Spring Montana Association of Chamber Executives (M.A.C.E.) conference took place in Kalispell from April 26 to 28, bringing together over 40 chamber executives from all over Montana. Over the course of the three-day event, attendees had the chance to participate in various workshops and sessions, covering topics such as membership growth strategies, social media marketing, and advocacy efforts.

One of the highlights of the conference was keynote speaker, Sherry Winn. Sherry is the CEO and Founder of the Winning Leadership Company. Sherry knows how to cultivate Olympic-minded leaders who motivate their teams to be engaged, productive, and loyal beyond measure. Sherry Winn is an internationally acclaimed speaker, Two-Time Olympian, National Championship Basketball Coach, and author of three bestselling books. Throughout the conference, she focused on two main topics: Resilience, and Leadership. "I thought Sherry’s topics on Professional Development were incredibly valuable," said Chiara Schober, the chamber executive of the Whitehall Chamber of Commerce.

The breakout discussion on Micro-Chambers, led by Rebecca Jones of the Beaverhead Chamber of Commerce in Dillon, shared insights on the challenges facing rural areas in Montana, and the need for chambers to work collaboratively to create more opportunities for businesses and entrepreneurs. Chiara said, "It was inspiring to hear from other chamber executives who are facing similar challenges and to learn about some of the innovative programs and initiatives that are happening across the state."

During the event attendees were given tickets, for participation, to put into buckets for a chance to win one of five gift boxes. Among the lucky winners was Chiara Schober, who was thrilled to be selected. "I'm so excited to have won one of the gift boxes! The conference was already such a valuable experience, and this is just the icing on the cake." Chiara encourages everyone to stop in and read the funny description of the gift box titled, The “Every Chamber Executive Needs This” Kit.

The conference also offered plenty of opportunities for attendees to unwind and socialize. Attendees were treated to a welcome reception at Sunrift Brewery and a tour of the Conrad Mansion where they had a chance to catch up with colleagues and meet new contacts.

Overall, the Spring M.A.C.E. conference was a resounding success, providing chamber executives with valuable insights and tools to help them support their communities and businesses. The next M.A.C.E. conference will be held in the fall, and organizers are already looking forward to another successful event.

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